jeudi 2 mai 2013

What is going on is that Ivy is trying to break us all this time! Ever since I asked her for help, she's been working against me! But the truth is, I shouldn’t have asked her in the first place. Cause you know what? She’s not the problem! We are the problem! I wouldn’t have had to ask that she-devil for help if it hadn’t been so awkward between us. I’ve been trying so hard, so unbelievably hard to be polite and perfect and to prove that we have something in common. But you know what? I’m done trying. I’m done! This is me, Liam! I don’t give a crap about how to build a boat and I don’t do French fry fights and I hate nature. I hate it! And if you think I’m ever, ever going on another hike again, then you’re out of your freaking mind! And if you don’t like me… for who I am… then that’s just too damn bad!

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